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CodeCoupler Webpack Setup

CodeCoupler Webpack will lint and fix JavaScript, Vue and TypeScript files by ESLint and Prettier, Stylesheet files by stylelint. The integrated boilerplate will generate the needed configuration files which make VSCode to lint these files on save. To make this work you have to install the following extensions:

If you are developing with Vue:

Also recommended but not mandatory:

Initialize a new project

mkdir new-project-folder
cd new-project-folder
npm init @codecoupler/cc-webpack
git init # This is usefull because the next command will install git hooks
npm i

Before start working with this boilerplate the following fields should be set in package.json (read the documentation):

  • name
  • version
  • description
  • author (You could reference here to the AUTHORS file)
  • homepage
  • keywords
  • license
  • private (Remove it if this project should be public)

Then you could change the title of static/index.html and overwrite static/logo.png with your own logo.

Last but not least a LICENSE file should be added and optionally an AUTHORS file.

Adding to existing project

Not recommended on complex scenarios, but possible:

cd to/your/existing/project
npm i @codecoupler/cc-webpack -D
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