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CodeCoupler Packages

For now we have the following main packages that can be used:

CodeCoupler Webpack

CodeCoupler Webpack is a compilation of Webpack libraries fine-tuned to each other to start authoring libraries and web applications in modern JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue and CSS without having to worry about linting, compiling and transpiling.


CodeCoupler UI

CodeCoupler UI is a compilation of web development libraries put them together in a coherent framework.


CodeCoupler Webpack Externals Plugin

The CodeCoupler Webpack Externals Plugin is a concept to simplify the configuration of Webpack regarding libraries that will be used but should not bundled.


CodeCoupler API

The CodeCoupler API is a modified Loopback boilerplate with integrated packages like cc-api-auth or dot-env for quick starting a backend.


CodeCoupler API Auth

CodeCoupler API Auth is as authentication and authorization component for Loopback.


CodeCoupler Setup

CodeCoupler Setup is a full stack setup to deploy CodeCoupler API and UI on a Linux Server.