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Compiling Features

Here we briefly list other useful features that we will not go into further in this walkthrough:

Debuging Messages

You can use whenever you want console.debug(). In the basic development mode starting with npm start these lines will be executed.

Whenever you package your code for production with npm run build these lines will be removed from your code.

License Header

From the informations of the package.json will be build an license header. This header will be used in your final compilation results.

The default banner will look like:

${} ${PACKAGE.version}
Copyright (c) ${new Date().getFullYear()} ${}
License: ${PACKAGE.license}`

Push to GIT Repository

Before any commit, staged .ts, .vue, .js and .css files inside the src folder will be checked by the associated linter. If any of these checks fail (process exits with non-zero code), the commit will be aborted. So you have first to cleanup your code and your repository never receive ugly code.

If many files have to be fixed you can use the command npm run lint:fix to try to fix all the files at once automatically.

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