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CodeCoupler Webpack Development Details: Dependencies

The most dependencies are self-explanatory because they are related to functionality of cc-webpack. They are defined as dependencies and not devDependencies so they will be installed if you add cc-webpack to your project.

cc-webpack itself should be added as devDependency because none of these dependencies are important at runtime with one exception. The package vue is of course something you need at runtime but it was configured here anyway. This is because some other packages depents not only on vue but also on the exact version. You cannot install for example vue-template-loader and vue in different versions. If vue would not be included here, it would be hard to synchronize cc-webpack with the project that use cc-webpack.

All libraries are linked in the latest version at best. Here some remarks:

  • slash: Installed in the version 3 instead 4 to work together with @codecoupler/cc-webpack-externals-plugin and the and the html-webpack-deploy-plugin used there. Both use the version 3 and version 4 have some breking changes that cannot integrated for now.

  • @vue/compiler-sfc: Is needed by vue-loader.

  • postcss: Normally not needed to be in the dendency list (because it is already a required package), but all postcss extensions throw a warning if not there.